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Pit Muti

Medicine for a Sick Pit Toilet or Septic Tank

Pit Muti kickstarts the pit’s natural biological process by introducing directly into the pit a multi-strain bacillus blend of both aerobes and facultative anaerobes designed to produce multiple enzymes, that have been identified scientifically for their advanced biodegradation capabilities.


  • – Pit toilets can be smelly, dirty, diseased and attract flies, mosquitoes, and other insects.
  • – Pit toilets often get full due to the natural cycle of waste degradation either stopping or being slowed. This occurs when a biological imbalance is created through toxic waste materials or other debris being thrown into the pit.
  • – As the pit slows down, pathogenic microbes begin to grow which carry many diseases. Pathogenic microbes thrive in anaerobic (non-Oxygenated) moist areas.
  • – The practice in many areas when the pit becomes full is to dig another hole and place the top-structure over the new pit, covering the old pit with sand.
  • – With the arrival of a rainy season, water flows through the new and old pits contaminating the water table via seepage, contaminating the ground water, rivers, and dams, in proximity to the pits via run off with any waterborne disease that has been breeding in the pits.
  • – This diseased and contaminated water is then used by the local communities for drinking, cleaning, cooking, irrigation or washing purposes.
  • – The Pit toilets are often used by people who have already contracted waterborne disease such as dysentery, diarrhoea, cholera, and typhoid. These diseases are deposited into the pits through their faeces with no biological process in place to kill them.
  • – Flies are attracted to the pits by the smell and then carry these diseases to the community by settling on the people, their food or water.


Muti – A traditional African word relating to natural herbal medicines, derived from the Zulu word for tree, of which the root is -thi. The word is widespread and in use in most African languages as well as in South African English and Afrikaans where it is used as a slang word for medicine.


Pit Muti breaks down and digests solids and odour causing compounds and has a strength of 4billion CFU/g (Colony Forming Units) or as packaged a strength of 160billion CFU/sachet.

Smells will disappear within 24 hours.

Within 1 to 4 weeks the solid effluent in the pit toilets has been liquefied and seeped into the ground, without fear of contaminating the groundwater, and the pit is empty except for the rags, plastics, and other debris, which should be removed.

The dosing application does not require skilled labour, it is simply mixed with water and poured into the pit.

It is essential to ensure the pit is maintained correctly from then on by applying maintenance doses of the Pit Muti monthly.

  • Restarts blocked outdoor toilets
  • Reduces levels of waste matter
  • Rids the toilet of flies
  • Rids the toilet of smells
  • Fights waterborne disease
  • Natural product
  • High strength
  • Works well in septic tanks



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