Sewage Treatment Works

Sewage Treatment Works



Avantu has treated the worst blockages in Sewage Treatment Works (STW’s). Sites with over 20m of built up of anaerobic sludge. Our suite of bacterial blends has been developed on the toughest challenges. Contact us for a detailed quotation. Listed below are products that have been tailored to treat effluent and solid sludge problems in STW’s.

PitKing: Biodegrades faecal and organic waste in treatment systems predominantly aerobic zone. Accelerates the biodegradation process so the final effluent conforms to discharge standards in STW’s.

FatKing: Biodegrades fats, oils, greases (FOG) & proteins in all management treatment systems.

SludgeKing: converts the anaerobic sludge to aerobic. The aerobic biodegradation takes approximate 7 days instead of the 54 days in the anaerobic zone.

SteriKing: Water Sterilizeris a mineral based sterilizing which requires 1 drop to 4 drops per lt depending on the degree of contamination to render the water potable and safe to drink. In a STW application the sterilizing retention time is more than 30 days compared to chlorine of 2-hours and is not affected by sunlight.

Sewage Treatment Works – understanding various problems that bioaugmentation can remedy are as follows​


Biofilters can be decongested biologically in 3 weeks at approximately 30% of the costcompared to mechanical methods which take up to 3 months.

Aeration chambers – when the MLSS increases too high this can be reduced to operational acceptance levels within days to control the final effluent discharge.

Anaerobic digesters – excess solid buildup can be biodegraded at much less an amount than mechanical removal and within 6 weeks compared to the average of up to 6 months.

Anaerobic reactors – the solid aerobic sludge buildup can be biodegraded to controlled levels.

Clarifiers – by creating a biomass in the Clarifier this converts it to not only a settling tank but the start of the biodegradation process. The aerobic and anaerobicsludge buildup can be biodegraded Insitupreventing the congested overflow being discharged into the biofilters.

Hydraulically overloaded systems – the biodegradation process can be accelerated to accommodate the extra load up to 65% which has been successfully achieved and the costs is a fraction compared to mechanical upgrades.

Reactivate systems after hazardous chemicals have killed off the biomass – the biomass can be restored within a noticeably short period compared to the natural of 3 to 4 months.

New additions and upgrades to STW – the optimal biomass can be introduced more quickly with the addition of the Avantu bioaugmentation products.

Congested sewer pipes and manholes – can be decongested biologically which makes removal of inorganic obstructions easier to remove.

Final discharge – the COD, BOD, SS, Nitrates, Ammonia and Phosphates will conform to discharge standards.

Sterilizing the final effluent with SteriKing will have a killing retention of up to 30 days compared to 2 hours with chlorine reducing the contamination greatly and rendering the waterbody water quality safer.


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