Mining Services

Mining Services

Mining Services


Avantu offers a wide range of services for mining.Avantu is the Environmental Officer’s best friend, as all the unhealthy aspects in mining are transformed to healthful from the ablution blocks, kitchens, compounds, water management, underground hygienic profiles including smells, to the transition of hazardous hydrocarbons to non-hazardous safe environment.

Solutions for on-site treatment of faecal waste on remote Exploration projects.

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Mess kitchens, blocked drains, and manholes remedying.

  • FOGKing: a powerful broad-spectrum biocatalyst that significantly accelerates the natural biological degradation rate of fats, oils, and grease organic waste by up to 1000 times. Combined with Fatking it is the prime biomass base to eliminate Fatbergs in sewer drains from the catering industry.
  • FatKing: through its unique ability to breakdown fats, oils, and greases helps keep pipes, drains and manholes free flowing.
  • Pitking: Biodegrades faecal and organic waste in treatment systems and waterways. Ideal for faecal and smell eradication in sewage spills, especially in waterways.

Mosquito treatment programs (Click here to go to Mosquito and Waterborne diseases page).

Dirt road hardening products for longer life (Contact Us for further information).

Hydrocarbon contamination treatment and clean-ups.

  • HydroKing: is fully compatible with most types of application equipment, includinghand or power sprayers, helicopter, airplane, or floating equipment. Itsapplication requires no special safety equipment. HydroKing is non-flammable and will also reduce fire hazards by increasing flash points and auto-ignitionthresholds of substances such as petrol and fuel oil. HydroKing is safe to biodegrade hydrocarbons in soil, water, fauna, and flora and not harmful to aquatic life and marine animals.
  • HydroKing removes hydrocarbons from metals, concrete, carpets, and all fabrics. It does not remove it breaksdown the molecules leaving the white nutrient of hydrocarbonsHydroKing through its ability of increasing the dissolved oxygen by up to 600% it breaks down the slimes layers in pipes killing off the anaerobic bacteria which changes to aerobic removing the H2S (hydrogen sulfides) which corrodes the pipes from the inside. Applications include cooling towers, water and sewage pipes and all waste removal drains.

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