The Problem

In 2015 the state of the Pit toilets at the Juba refugee camps, run by UNICEF, was so dire, they had to be mechanically sucked out every day. UNICEF invited several companies to the refugee camps to demonstrate how effective their products would be to alleviate the problems of smell, waterborne disease and overloading.

The solution

The Avantu team arrived at UNICEF-Juba and trained a team of people on the dosing of the Pitking and Fatking products for the Pit toilets. Avantu products biodegraded the effluent extremely well, so much so, that:

The Pit toilets no longer had to be sucked out every day

The fats and gels were broken down and proper percolation resumed

The smell disappeared within a few days

The tender document was changed to specify Avantu products Pitking and Fatking by name