SANAE Base Antarctica

SANAE Base Antarctica


The Problem

The South African National Antarctic Expedition (SANAE) is located on the Southern buttress of Vesleskarvet. It’s arguably one of the most hostile, yet pristine locations on the planet. SANAE has an on-site waste treatment plant installed to serve the 32 scientists there. The system must be kept at a minimum of 12°C for optimal efficiency.

A requirement for the SANAE was to ship their bodily wastes back to South Africa. This was a costly undertaking.

THE solution

SANAE turned to Avantu for help. The solution was to perform weekly dosing of FatKing and PitKing. The result was a significant reduction in the quantity of waste returned to South Africa. As personnel numbers fluctuate through the year, so the dosing regime can be modified to ensure that SANAE stays on top of the output.