Niger Delta

Niger Delta

Niger Delta

The Problem

The Niger Delta was once famed for its exports of top-quality Mangoes. From the early 1970s, however, Oil production began to take over. The former dominance of agriculture in the country’s economy began to decline. Chronic pollution from the Oil industry destroyed the Mango tree farm agriculture. There have been no Mango trees growing in the Niger Delta area for the last 30 years. Oil contamination from the pipelines severely impacted the quality of life of the villages.

Following a long running lawsuit against the Oil Companies, a compensation agreement was reached for the environmental clean-up efforts.

The solution

The prime technological approval was vested in the Paramount Chiefs from the Niger Delta. After the Avantu presentation, all 10 of the Chiefs proclaimed that the technology was:

Simplest to apply

Easiest to understand the logics

An ideal job creation for the local community

The focus is to concentrate on the agricultural aspects of export, not the destructive environmental oil recovery business. Avantu was called in to help reverse the devastation of the once fertile agricultural land. Avantu’s products work by biodegrading the hydrocarbons and re-enriching the biological nutrients of the soil and waterways.