Kwa Maritane Lodge, South Africa

Kwa Maritane Lodge, South Africa

Kwa Maritane Lodge

The Problem

Kwa Maritane Bush Lodge is a timeshare located in Pilanesberg National Park, South Africa. During busy periods, raw sewerage was overflowing from the septic tank into the River, causing environmental pollution. Avantu was called to provide a solution.

Through the application of Avantu’s proprietary bacterial technology, a twice weekly dosing and monitoring program was instigated over the course of 2 years. Measures were taken to prepare for expected increases in guest visits so that the system was more robust and could handle the extra load. Improvement was noted immediately. Avantu products used were PitkIng and FatKing.

To relieve the pressure on the Septic system, the maintenance team would dose 10 chalets at a time with Avantu products every week: concentrating on the showers, kitchens, and toilets. This was effective in eliminating the normal problems that occur in high occupancy lodges.

Avantu’s solution was so successful that it has been adopted by many more lodges; thereby reducing the environmental impact on a larger scale.