Eastern Cape Public Works, South Africa

Eastern Cape Public Works, South Africa

Eastern Cape Public Works

The Problem

Eastern Cape Public Works (ECPW) maintains all the sewage treatment works serving Government installations as diverse as Hospitals, Army Barracks, Prisons and Justice Departments. Periodic influent and nutrient overloading, coupled with mechanical malfunctions, were causing blockages and contamination. These were manually treated using labour and mechanical methods such as: –

The vacuum sucking out of the sludge from the septic tanks and discharging into STP

Manually extraction of the cyanobacteria, duckweed and water hyacinth and dispatch by truck

Drying out the solid effluent in the ponds, then manually loading it onto truck and dumping the solids

Manually unblocking pipes with rodding irons

Manually digging out solid effluent from pit toilets

The Solution

Public Works called in Avantu help reduce the incredible costs being incurred and to speed up the maintenance process; ECPW was more than 12 months behind schedule.

After a shock dosing program with Avantu proprietary products, a regular preventative maintenance schedule was implemented. to prevent it from reoccurring the costs started plummeting.

SUCCESS! Avantu products biologically destroyed the Cyanobacteria, Duckweed and Water Hyacinths, including biodegradation of the Sludge in the ponds. This led to a dramatic reduction in the maintenance timeline. After two years, ECPW was able to reduce the maintenance costs by 60%. Avantu products used were Pitking, Fatking, Biolake, and FSR301.