Augusta Country Estate, South Africa

Augusta Country Estate, South Africa

Augusta Country Estate, South Africa

The Problem

Augusta Country Estate is a well-established private residential golfing Estate in Gillitts, KwaSulu.

Established in 1996 with 210 dwelling units and Clubhouse/Conference facilities, all with their own septic tanks and a general soakaway sewerage system, located on the golf course fairways.

Prior to 2010, huge ongoing sewage problems, and regular overflows onto the golf course fairways necessitated septic tanks to be desludged on a regular basis, at a huge cost to Residents and the Homeowners Association. In addition, the situation had an adverse effect on the estate, with residents being subjected to an unpleasant, ongoing smell. The golfers in particular were being subjected to hazardous experiences.

The solution

In 2010, the use of Avantu’s Bioaugmentation products, namely PitKing and FatKing, was introduced into the septic tanks with a treatment program that proved to be a great success. This treatment is applied to Estate septic tanks biannually.

The results are:

There are no longer nasty smells

The fairways have been sewage spill free and are a pleasure to play on

The need to desludge septic tanks has reduced phenomenally with huge cost savings to resident and the Homeowners Association, who would recommend the use of these aforementioned products, in particular to other residential estates.